Our Story

Horsy was launched in 2019 at Horse of the Year Show, as a personalised equestrian clothing and accessories brand. We wanted to offer unique, personalised equestrian gift ideas for our fellow Horsy friends that were both affordable, and beautiful. We sourced innovative products, not available anywhere else in the market.

This year we have grown in a big way, with a fun versatile new range of branded sweatshirts, T-shirts, gilets, hoodies and more!

We create simple, wearable designs that suit all ages, shapes and sizes. We are passionate about providing high quality garments for our customers to enjoy wearing every day. Any of our designs are available for children, or adults so if you can't see it on line, please contact us because anything is possible. 

Our best sellers are our personalised water bottles, blankets, wall art and not forgetting our face masks!

For our personalised range, you don't need to have hi-res images for most of our products, Iphone photos will work just fine. Straight on head shots work well but we can work with most images, as long as they are clear, in focus and not too heavily cropped. 

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about sizing or colours, and we’d be only too happy to help.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram horsy__horsy and Facebook facebook.com/horsyhorsyhorsy. 

The HORSY Team.......